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Welcome to the wonderful world of Marvin!

Introducing Gwynnie-Gwyn-Gwyn, the creator of the Marvin Story Time Show.

Hello, I am Gwyn McCormack, an award winning, internationally know special needs educator with 41 years teaching experience. I developed this inclusive literacy programme to meet the huge unmet need of children with special educational needs around the world to enable them to have access to an online  fun, happy, feel good story time, at the same time opening the opportunities to promote their literacy access skills: vision, tactile, auditory, language, concept, book and story, imaginary play, music and rhythm. Here is more information about who I am and my professional background and work

I developed the model over a 3 year period working in America with children with complex needs and now the show is reaching children with special needs around the world.  Read more about the development of the model here.

Just above is a 1 minute clip explaining more about the Story Time Show. 

Introducing Marvin!

Hello, I’m Marvin, a kind and helpful boy who loves to meet new people and make new friends. 

Many of my friends learn in lots of ways, some like bright colours, some like sound, some like things that are uncluttered. My show works for us all; all ages, abililties and needs. There is something in my show for us all to enjoy and most of all to have fun! Come and join me it’s the greatest Story Time Show ever and you are warmly welcome along! 


Marvin's Animated Adventure

Did you know I have my own cartoon?

I go on a Seaside Adventure with my friends Crazy Crab Craig, Princess Peggy and Super Sparkle the dog! It’s very funny!
Hello, my name is Marvin. I am a kind and lovable boy. I love to meet new people and make new friends. My favourite things to do are going on fun adventures with my friend Fabby and Rainbow Callie.

I do lots of fun things!

Did you know I am the star of my very own online Story Time Show ? Alot of my friends love the show because they need different things to help them to learn. They have special educational needs and my show is helpful because everything is on a black background and my stories are told using high contrast characters and props. There is just one single voice to listen to and no background noise. It's really simple and best of all it's lots of fun!
Whoopeedeedoo! My show works for all ages (including adults), all abilities, all needs, there are lots of different fun elements, and something for everyone, although it may not all be for everyone. Lots of my friends watch it already - come along and have fun!
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Marvin and friends

Marvin loves to meet new people and make new friends.
Find out more about his friends that share his adventures.
Marvin is a kind and lovable boy. He loves to meet new people and make new friends. He has great ideas all the time! His favourite things to do are going on fun adventures with his friends Fabby and Rainbow Callie.

He has black spikey hair and wears glasses. He wears a yellow jumper and green shorts and big blue boots. He is always happy and smiling.
Rainbow Callie is Marvin’s cheerful friend. Rainbow Callie loves rainbows and gives out rainbow badges to all her friends who are kind. She loves drawing and making things and puts them on her Rainbow Art Gallery. She wears a rainbow hat and carries a rainbow bag. She has long fair hair and a big smile.
She wears a pink tee shirt, blue shorts, rainbow socks and blue boots.
Fabby is Marvin’s fabulous frog friend. His favourite thing is ribbeting and he loves to ribbet with his friends. Fabby has a green face, a green and blue body, with a white tummy. Fabby has a big smile. He wears a pink beret with an ‘I am Fab’ badge on the front.

He carries a pink bag and wears pink gloves. He has sparkly pink toes.
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Marvin’s Market Adventure

I can’t wait to see you all I star with my friends Rainbow Callie, Fabby and our friend Gwynnie-Gwyn-Gwyn helps us on the show!
It’s lots of fun and makes everyone happy!
Everybody is welcome!
Join in with Marvin and his friends


Each week there are activities to do with Marvin and his friends.
Things to do, things to draw and share and lots and lots of fun!
Monday Adventures

with Marvin and Cool Col

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