Author: Marvin

Friday Frog Fun with Fabby!

Friday Frog Fun Count to 3 Hello Fabby Friends Can you help me? How many Fabby the Frogs can you count? Now, can you tap or clap or jump or hop 3 times?

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Rainbow Callie’s Art Wall

Make Fabby the Frog Hi, I’m Rainbow Callie! I love to give rainbows to my friends! A special picture of Rainbow Callie with her Rainbow will be sent to all children who send their craft pictures to add to...

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Marvin’s Wednesday Bag of Surprises

Marvin’s Wednesday Bag of Surprises What have you found in your bag today Marvin? Marvin says: “Can you help me learn what I use to eat my breakfast?” 1. Let’s explore and look at: Shapes of cups, plates and...

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