Marvin’s Wednesday Bag of Surprises

Marvin’s Wednesday Bag of Surprises

What have you found in your bag today Marvin?

Marvin says: “Can you help me learn what I use to eat my breakfast?”

1. Let’s explore and look at: Shapes of cups, plates and spoons. Grasp hold, one hand/two handed

2. Purpose: Let’s play at having breakfast. Fill/eat/empty the cup/plate/spoon. Set the table, pretend to have breakfast using the cup, spoon and plate.

3. Talk about difference: Smooth, round, long

4. Talk about where the items are kept: Wash and put away, find where similar items are kept. Compare size, shape and form.

5. Cues for learning: Support understanding of shape, form and purpose. Counting, discrimination of objects, fine motor, tactile exploration, sorting and matching.