The blue bucket and the yellow ball

The blue bucket and the yellow ball

Marvin and Cool Col’s Monday Adventures

Marvin: “It’s a lovely sunny day, I am going outside to play in the garden.

Now, where is my friend Cool Col the Chameleon?

Col! Col! Where are you hiding? Come out to play? I can’t see you Col. Where are you?

What colour will my friend Cool Col be today? He’s a different colour every time I see him,” said Marvin laughing.

Marvin looked under the flowers. He looked everywhere, but he couldn’t see his friend Cool Col the Chameleon anywhere. Just then he heard his friend, he had a very squeaky voice.

Cool Col: “I’m hiding! Over here, on the blue bucket! I’m hiding, over here!” said Cool Col.

Marvin: “Hi Col! There you are. You are blue, the same colour as the blue bucket! I couldn’t see you!” said Marvin.

Cool Col: “Hello Marvin, I was hiding. I am a different colour every day. Today I am blue!” Said Cool Col.

Cool Col: “I’m Cool Col the Chameleon, I’m little and I am very clever. I can change colour whenever I want to!” said Cool Col.

Marvin: “I love you when you are blue Cool Col. I’ve been looking for you everywhere. Come on shall we play a game?” said Marvin.

Cool Col: “Yippee! Let’s play throwing the yellow ball into the blue bucket,” said Cool Col.

Marvin: “Oh that’s a great idea. Here’s my yellow ball let’s throw it into the bucket,” said Marvin.

Wheeee, wheee, wheeee. Marvin and Cool Col took it in turns to throw the ball into the bucket.

Marvin threw the ball and it missed the blue bucket. Oh no…. the yellow ball went rolling, rolling down the path towards the Pond.

Marvin: “Quickly Col, run after the ball before it goes into the pond,” said Marvin.

Run, run, run, faster, faster, run, run.

Marvin and Col ran after the ball, Col was very little and Marvin could ran faster than he did.

But, it was too late, the ball had rolled into the pond

Cool Col: “Oh no! What are we going to do Marvin?” said Cool Col, and he started to cry!

Just then Marvin saw his friend Fabby the Frog hopping along the path. He was singing, ‘Let’s ribbet, ribbet’

Marvin: “Hello Fabby! Can you help us? My yellow ball has rolled into the pond. Can you help me to get it back?” said Marvin

Fabby: “Darling Marvin! Whoopeedeedoo! Fabby would be happy to help you” said Fabby.

Fabby leapt high into the sky and landed in the pond with a big splash


Suddenly Fabby popped his head out of the water,

Fabby: ‘Darling, Fabby’s found your yellow ball!”

Marvin: “Hooray!” said Marvin.

Fabby hopped out of the pond and landed next to Marvin.

Fabby: “Darling Marvin here is your yellow ball,” said Fabby.

Marvin: “Oh, thank you Fabby!” said Marvin.

Marvin, Fabby and Cool Col had fun throwing the yellow ball into the blue bucket until it was time to go home.

Wheee whee wheeee.

See you on our next Monday adventure with Marvin and Cool Col!