Marvin’s Market Adventure


Marvin’s Market Adventure and Grandma’s Special Birthday Picnic

SEND English Activities with Marvin’s Adventure resources.

SEND English Activities create access to the literate environment. Exposure to incidental learning opportunities doesn’t occur naturally for a child with VI or SEND. Building a solid foundation of reading readiness skills and fun experiences is critical.

‘Marvin’s Market Adventure and Grandma’s Special Birthday Picnic’ is both a story and an educational resource pack. It offers a holistic approach to reading readiness skills and emergent literacy development. Embracing rich concrete experiences. Involving objects, people and activities related to the concept of the Market Place.



Using a theme-based approach during the emergent stages of literacy development. Enabling us to offer a multitude of rich learning opportunities. The suggested activities in this resource support the key elements of emergent literacy. Tactile discrimination, fine motor, book/story skills and language development.

Read the lovely story of Marvin on his adventure at the marketplace. Maximise the learning opportunities with a holistic, fun, creative approach to literacy.