What happens on the show Marvin?
Marvin says 'We have the best fun ever!"

Gwynnie-Gwyn-Gwyn follows the same structure every week!
Our Host 'Amazing Megan' helps us to be ready to enjoy the fun show
Gwynnie-Gwyn-Gwyn: Welcomes everyone with a whoopeedeedoo!
Sings: My name is Marvin!
Spins the rainbow wheel - we really love this part!
Gives special name callouts. We love listening for our name
Chats with me and my friend Rainbow Callie. We wave and say hello.
Sings Marvin's Welcome Song, you can join in with the actions!
Tells the story of Marvin's Market Adventure.
Makes a craft
We sing Goodbye, a rainbow spin a Whoopeedeedoo and off we go!

Its the same structure every week to help us to know what is happening. Even if one bit doesn't work, you know the next bit that is coming does! 100's of families and schools watch the show and have reported, increased attention, vocalisation, concentration and engagement. Most of all the show is FUN!!!

Marvin’s Story Time Show



CHILDREN! Marvin is excited to see you soon on his next STORY TIME SHOW!

Join Marvin on his MARKET ADVENTURE!







MARVIN can’t wait to see you again!

The SHOW starts on JULY 14TH  2024


MARVIN’S STORY TIME SHOW offers the bridge to accessible fun story time for children with special educational needs, the whole family or class.

Check out here for more about how the show works. The show is designed with children with special/complex needs in mind. We use black backgrounds and high contrast characters, specific resources to encourage visual attention, lots of repetition, rhythm, singing and voice intonation to stimulate and engage. Most of all we have the best fun!

In our next show Marvin is setting off on the Market Adventure  with his friend Fabby who loves to ribbet  and Rainbow Callie shows the way to meet their friends at the market.

Marvin’s wants to make a special birthday picnic for his Grandma. He writes his shopping list and takes a big shopping bag and sets of to the market. 

He buys a flower for the garden from Flora Flower and a Little Shiny Fish from  Fishman Phil. He helps Veg Man Vernon who falls in the strawberries and helps Barbara Baker the lovely cake maker find all the escaped gingerbread people. 

JOIN Gwynnie-Gwyn-Gwyn your happy storyteller and Marvin in this bright and interactive JOYFUL  SHOW bursting with glittery bright-coloured friends and lots of FUN along the way.

SIMPLE, FUN AND JOYFUL, the show is a feel good happy place! It’s raw, retro and stripped back learning! 

We welcome you to the wonderful world of Marvin!

Below: Marvin’s Market Adventure Trailer – select from:

  • Speaker Only 
  • British Sign Language and Speaker view – to follow.
  • American Sign Langauge and Speaker view – to follow
How it works
Add the Story Time Show to your basket and checkout as normal. Once you have paid you will receive a confirmation email from us. with a booking form sign-up form and the activity pack. Please note that the Zoom link to watch the live shows will be sent to you by email nearer the time.

The Story Time Channel page is password protected so make sure you use the password sent in the confirmation to access the recordings of the shows, after the live events.

Find out more about the show - Marvin answers your questions.

1. Who is the show suitable for Marvin?
Marvin says: it works for EVERYBODY! it's been designed to offer a fun story time for children with special educational needs. Let your child lead you... it sometimes takes a little while to get used to how the show works, but we know all my friends who watch it already really love it. It has one voice...Gwynnie-Gwyn-Gwyn's and no background music or extra noises.
2. How long is the show run Marvin?
Marvin says: The show runs for 3 weeks - 3 episodes. Episode 1:14th July 2024. Episode 2: 21st July 2024 Episode 3: 28th July 2024.
3. What are the dates for the shows Marvin?
Marvin says:
Sunday 14th July 2024,/br> Sunday 21st July 2024
Sunday 28th July 2024
4. What time is the show, Marvin?
Marvin says:
4.00 pm - 5.00 pm GMT (United Kingdom Time)
10 am - 11 am Central Time
11 -12 noon Eastern Time
12 - 1 pm Atlantic time
5. Where does the show happen Marvin?
Marvin says: The show takes place on Zoom.
6. How much does the show cost Marvin?
Marvin says: The show costs £9.99/$12.40 per family to watch the three episodes within ONE show run
7. How do we pay Marvin?
You pay online here at the Marvin shop
8. How do we book a place to take part in the show Marvin?
Marvin says: Complete your checkout in the normal way. You will receive a confirmation email from Gwynnie-Gwyn-Gwyn with a link to a participation sign-up form and details of how to access the Zoom link for the show. The page will be password protected, so make sure you use the password in the email confirmation. If you don't get the email (make sure you check your spam/junk folder) just email Gwyn at the email at the top of the page and give her your details.
9. What's the booking deadline, Marvin? 
Sunday July 14th 2024
10. Will the shows be recorded, Marvin?
Yes, the shows are recorded and shared via a private link to the Story Time Channel on this website. They are shared within a couple of days after the show and you have unlimited access.
11. What is the next adventure we are going on Marvin?
Marvin says: Marvin's Market Adventure
12. Is there a story pack to accompany the show, Marvin?
Yes, there is a story pack comprising:  The story chapters.  Printable character images.  Meet the character booklets.  A craft/model material list to make a craft linked to each chapter.  Curriculum inspiration and ideas to support the story.  Marvin’s songs. (Recording and words) This is sent to you by email on confirmation of booking.
13. Does Gwynnie-Gwyn-Gwyn make a craft on each show Marvin?
Marvin says:  Gwynnie-Gwyn-Gwyn shares the list of materials to make the craft so you can have fun making the craft at home too.
14.Do you provide sign communication?
Marvin says: Yes on th e live shows and on the recordings British Sign Language America Sign Language Makaton
15. Do you have a Private Hidden Facebook Group, especially for families who are participating in the show Marvin?
Marvin says: Gwynnie-Gwyn-Gwyn has set up a Private Hidden Facebook Group and will only invite families who want to be added and participate in the show. Learning ideas, tips for play and multi-sensory ideas are shared here. Gwynnie-Gwyn-Gwyn cues the show and shares the characters, songs and excitement building up to each show. This helps to build a sense of community. You can still take part in the show, if you don't want to be part of the Facebook Group, this is an extra option only.
16. What do I do if I have any more questions Marvin?
Marvin says: Send Gwynnie-Gwyn-Gwyn a message from her contact page - she is really quick at answering messages because she is a ninja!

Gwynnie-Gwyn-Gwyn the Story Teller and Creator of the programme talks about the show

What is the Story Time Show?

Clip of the Story Time Show - Winter Wonderland Adventure